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Baoding tianwei wire manufacturing co., LTD belongs to Yu Baoding tianwei change electric co., LTD., is the only a company specializing in the production of domestic transformer with various types of high-end electromagnetic wire of state-owned enterprises, the company registered capital of 182 million yuan.

Tianwei company is located in baoding national hi-tech industrial development zone industrial park, has a garden-like factory, has a fully enclosed dust-proof purification production workshop, regulation and control of the central air temperature, has the world first-class extrusion machine, flat wire paint charter flights and transposed conductor line, transposed conductor design production capacity of 10000 tons, in combination with flat wire wire and paper 10000 tons.


BTEW Conductor Wires Sale Achievements For Transformers

Transformer User

Size Type of Transformer

Baobian test 

DFP-160MVA / 1050kv

Wuhan HV R&D

DZ-40MVA / 1050kv

Datang Binchang

DFP-240MVA / 800kv

Datang Jingtai power plant

DFP-260MVA / 800kv

Datang Binchang 2#

DFP-240MVA / 800kv

Qinshan nuclear power

DFP- 250 MVA / 515kv

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